New Music: Kimbra


Rarely does an artist so easily grab me with their music but Kimbra was one of those rare cases when I discovered her album Vows a while back after her success with Gotye. Well, her follow up, The Golden Echo, is finally here, and while it doesn’t match Vows it does pull out a few gems.



“Nobody But You” is one of those perfect pop songs, with the right amount of Michael Jackson influence and old pop sensibility that it comes through amazingly. “Miracle” comes in with luscious vocals and bass, and  turns the MJ knob to 11 giving a better MJ song than anything off of the weird posthumous album they’ve recently released. The album features a lot of small relatively unknown guest stars although it does have Omar from the Mars Volta and Daniel Johns from Silverchair, but as a whole the album feels a little all over the place, possibly due to the lack of consistent members song to song.



Ultimately Kimbra’s vocals are still killer and there is some great production and instrumentation here but the inconsistency and sometimes truly out-there sounds are a bit much. The really blunt example of this is “90’s Music” a song so weirdly over-the-top and different from Kimbra’s other music, I’d swear it was a satire if she hadn’t promoted it so heavily. That said it does have a decent enough chorus but the effort to get there is too much. For those interested I’ll just leave it here:



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