Quick Hit: Zaz

zaz (1)



Keeping things going today with a quick little blurb about French jazz singer Zaz. Her blend of pop and gypsy-styled jazz makes uniquely cheeky but colourful music. Her album Recto Verso, provides a few jazz gems worth your time, and all in beautiful French.



The delightful jumps between gibberish and fast-talking french on this track are hypnotizing, the violin is perfectly finessed and the little AH AH’s in every chorus put the right amount of cheeky into the song. The duet solo by Zaz and the guitarist near the end of the song are just sublime too. “Comme ci, Comme ça” is everything I love in jazz, every instrument is jumping from rhythm to little solos and the vocals do the same. The French here sounds so pretty as it flies and when the song jumps into its “Caceci cecaci c’est comme ci” scat section the vocal technique is delightful.



More soon, and don’t forget to tune into 93.1 CKCU fm Monday morning at 10 to here Theme Songs, with Mike, Erik and I, or catch us here if you miss it: Theme Songs


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