New Music: La Roux



DFA 1979 wasn’t the only artist this year to announce their 2nd album in nearly a decade, Brit-electronica legend La Roux released her sophomore effort Trouble In Paradise this year and it was even better than DFA’s follow up. The album follows in the footsteps of albums like Daft Punk and Chromeo’s latest efforts, shooting for a vintage feel while innovating as well.



The album pops open on the delay-heavy “Uptight Downtown” which begins part of the retro feel of the album with a deliciously retro sounding synth and when Elly Jackson’s vocals drop in the chorus you instantly feel that La Roux nostalgia. “Tropical Chancer” goes into a more island-rhythm feel and slows thing down, although a bit lackluster on sonics, the vocal lines are very catchy.



Perhaps what is the most epic track on the album is “Let Me Down Gently,” a track that opens as a powerful and ambient love ballad. But at the 2 minute mark, the music drops, and then roars back in on an amazing sounding drum beat (seriously props to who recorded that) and a cloud of several interlocked synth-lines. The ending is textured beautifully by Jackson’s vocals and what sounds to be a sax solo mixed with synth elements. “Silent Partner” sounds like a speed-run of “Like A Virigin” and has one of the best vocal lines on the album as well really interesting textures throughout. The songs seven minute run time seems like just enough on repeat listens especially when it goes into aggressive instrumental sections and the parts start getting laced with different effects.



More soon.


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