Mac Demarco: Salad Days



I’m finally digging into some of the albums behind one of my favourite artists that I only discovered this summer. So I’m starting with the killer recent album he put out, Salad Days.



The album opens on the title-track “Salad Days” that’s starts on the childishly rhythmic verse-lines that go into the even more joyous “Ladadadada’s” but get’s surprisingly dark and serious in its choruses to make a song that’s both fun and complex, and one of the album’s best. “Blue Boy” really pronounces the slightly off-tune sound of Demarco’s guitar and he suddenly takes a much more mature stature in a song that’s more dreamy than joyous.



Starting off with a funny intro of “Shit!!” by Demarco, “Brother” has another more parental figure in voice and finds a similar dreamy groove that bursts into a b-section even more dreamy than the verses. “Let Her Go” is a more upbeat track with Demarco giving a friend love advice which turns back into a darker song both musically and lyrically in its choruses, much like “Salad Days”.



The album goes synth-y near the end on a couple great tracks. “Passing Out Pieces” finds Demarco contemplating the toll his new found fame is taking on his life, and the sea of synth chords he leaves you in is just too hypnotic. Lastly “Chamber Of Reflection” is a more hollow track with one of the album’s rather haunting synth lines and Demarco’s vocals fit the mould perfectly.



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