Music Video Monday: Pharrell + Kimbra & Mark Foster & A-Trak



Today I’m coming with a double hit of stylish videos from Pharrell and Kimbra.


It Girl – Pharrell Williams



This has to be the coolest video I’ve seen in over a year. Starting with its amazing anime inspired look, the video is instantly unique and then goes into a 8-bit and video game inspired sections. Combine this with the songs smooth but driving sound and the whole thing seems like the perfect fit for a new Jet Set Radio game.


Warrior – Kimbra, Mark Foster and A-Trak



Now while the obvious product placement here is painful at times, I’ll excuse converse for actually being the ones behind the collaboration between these three amazing artists. The song blends Kimbra’s amazing vocals, Foster The Peoples’ amazing choruses and A-Trak’s great production and keyboard parts to make a killer track.


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