Quick Hit: Alvvays



I finally got around to following up on one of my favourite new Canadian bands, Toronto’s dreamy surf band, Alvvays (pronounced always).



Their self-titled debut is a mix of guitar driven surf pop and some amazing texturing both in the synth section and on the production in general. The opening track “Adult Diversion” rushes with life as it opens and gains a melancholy feel during verses thanks to singer Molly Rankin’s emotive vocals (the same famous singing Rankin family). Every chorus roars with joy and the gradually increasing synths make the whole song more encapsulating. “Archie, Marry Me” is even sadder but even more emotive with Rankin’s vocals commanding attention and even little details like a background roar of distortion filling the sound in ways that grab the ear. The song even ends on the cute little spelling out of the titular Archie.



Their single “Next Of Kin” roars with great guitar lines and a bassy synth line and Rankin’s vocals float elegantly on top of the whole arrangement making it the perfect package, it also really shows off my favourite aspect of the albums aesthetic the lo-fi with tons of reverb chamber they seem to have put the band in.



Lastly is “Atop A Cake” which is a flourish of guitar arpeggios and bright synth chords. But the arrangement is great and some of the chord choices make it really stand out without being to out there and the bass lines that jump in every chorus always get my bass playing fingers moving.



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