Quick Hit: Hospitality



Another handful of great songs from the similarly raw and female led New York band, Hospitality.



Their album Trouble yielded the killer single “I Miss Your Bones” which features singer Amber Papini’s Hannah Georgas-esque voice over some really cool syncopation, and the songs jam out is a joy, especially the drums. Their self-titled debut is also a great listen, tracks like “All Day Today” are bright and full of energy adding in a horn section for even more energy and the “All the little lambs” line will be stuck in your head for days.



“Betty Wang” is another bright song with Wes Anderson-esque tones throughout and its strange choices all work amazingly, it sounds somewhere between the Kinks and Vampire Weekend, also the line “Su Chia, Su Chia Su Chia” (the song’s tributee’s actual name) will stick with you. “Argonauts” is a delightful slow-jam that plays with its open feel and runs a great bunch sections in its five minute run-time, especially when it gets to the “Lock the door and throwaway the key” section with other catchy line “Don’t forget the bell” ringing (for lack of a better word) in your head after the song ends




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