Quick Hit: Wavves



Today I’m covering another great surf-rock band, but one with a lot more grit and energy, as well as distortion. Today’s band is the San Diego group, who also happen to be friends with Best Coast, this is Wavves. Heads up the songs and videos aren’t PG.



Their album Afraid Of Heights is full of energetic and dark surf rock, “Sail To The Sun” opens on a weirdly bright and calming opening before dropping into the bass driven verses and exploding when the guitars go overblown on pedals, and Nathan Williams vocals have the perfect amount of vocal fry and grit to them to fit. The desperately hopeless “Afraid Of Heights” is the reverb drenched star of the album and is an oddly sad song considering the upbeat sound of the chorus.



“Idiot” from their album King Of The Beach and it’s their most energetic track. Exploding out the door in a blaze of glory the song never really let’s up for more than a second and it’s “Wouldn’t mean shit” line is super catchy.



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