Mac Demarco: 2



Today I’m covering even more from Mac Demarco, continuing with his album 2. Although I’ve covered tracks from here before when I first discovered him, I figure I’d give a more encompassing look at a great album by one of Canada’s most interesting artists.



The album opens on the cheery “Cooking Up Something Good” which jumps from a folky and light verse to the subversively dark chorus, one of his best live songs too as he shouts his way into every chorus. One of my favourite Demarco songs, “Freaking Out The Neighborhood” is the quick dance cut of the album, with Demarco talking a mother down about what sounds like his own misdeeds, and the songs hook is earcandy.



Next is the album topping “Ode To Viceroy” Demarco’s shockingly beautiful love song to cigarettes (Viceroy being his brand), its bright little pops in each verse are great and the chant of Viceroy is contagious. When he hits the chorus it feels like a moment of dazed infatuation and the poetry of lines like “Oh No, don’t let me see you cryin/Cause oh honey I smoke you til I’m dying” seem versatile enough to be applied to a person too, it always gets me. Throw in the end riff off between guitars and Mac’s chants and it’s perfection.



“The Stars Keep On Calling My Name” is even more upbeat, a cheery reminder to a lover and the guitar work always puts a smile on my face. The younger sounding vocals and sweet nature of the lyrics make it really bright and happy too. “My Kind Of Woman” is the darkest the album seems to get and is a nicely textured song describing his longing for a girl who just won’t seem to listen.



Lastly is the especially intimate “Still Together” a beautiful song  about life with him and his girlfriend Kiki (or Kiera or Karen, apparently he intentionally says the wrong one for fun) sweet, bare-bones and every time he drops the “toGEEEEEEEEEEther” I get goosebumps. One of his best live songs too, which he often brings Kiki out for (riding his shoulders) and his joking around and weird verse syncopation live make it an experience. Just check out how he treated the Polaris audience, and yes that is how he acts on stage for entire shows (it’s why he’s awesome).



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