New Music: The Dead Weather



You know it’s a good day when we get new Dead Weather music, I’ll be as transparent as possible in pointing out they’re one of my favourite bands. Today we got a new single, no idea if it’s from the new album or just from a session  before everyone’s tours line up perfectly. But it has my hopes high after “Open Up (That’s Enough)” seemed a little to fast and staccato heavy for the bands style.


After a couple listens I’ve noticed the song does what I never thought they would, it blends both their first and seconds albums sounds together perfectly. The running verse coming like so many of their amazing songs from Sea Of Cowards and the open feel reminiscent of Horehound and “A Child Of A Few Hours Is Burning To Death” but what shocked me was the mix in of the chorus which sounds like many of their pre-album singles. All in all a promising song from one of my two favourite supergroups (that both feature Queens Of The Stone Age members).



Fingers crossed their album also hits us with an amazerbeam.



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