Surf Rock: Summer Twins



Another surf-rock band since I’ve apparently just found a bunch recently, is the California (shocker) twin-sister duo Summer Twins.



Sisters Chelsea (guitar/vox) and Justine (drums/vox) make awesome dreamy surf music between the two of them, and their harmonies are perfect, I imagine the biology plays a factor here. Their EP Forget Me has some killer tracks, and outshines even their self-titled LP effort. The title track “Forget Me” opens on a classic-sounding surf riff and is just great surf-pop, and the call and response vocals between the sisters on choruses will get stuck in your head. “Carefree” opens on the slow-burning distorted intro (really only missing a heavier or more psych sound) before turning into a really preppy surf song ab0ut California life, as most surf bands tend to, but the upbeat choruses and great breakdowns make it stellar.



“Darlin'” is a 50’s pop-esque slow jam reminiscent of much of She & Him’s work, just a great slow and cheery pop love song. “All I Have To Do Is Dream” is much like this just adding a little surf to what would be a great 50’s girl group song, even the b-sections sound like they were cherry picked from old classics.



“I Will Love You” from their self-titled LP is another great oldie-esque song that sounds like it should be scoring ad after ad (it just has that sound to me). Its hook reeks of nostalgia and is painfully peppy, if you need one band of pick me up music, listen to this band.





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