Foxygen: …And Star Power



It’s very rare that a band manages to capture the sound of an era so perfectly that it genuinely feels like they are recording through a time machine but retro-revival band Foxygen does just that. Their first album We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace And Magic, was one of the best albums I’d heard in years and while their new album …And Star Power is actually mostly faulty, the high-notes excuse the trash in its wake. So here’s …And Star Power and remember on record this is two guys(mostly the curly haired Jon Rado (right) from my memory).



The album starts off strong on its two best singles starting off with “How Can You Really” a song that’s parts ELO and parts Rolling Stones and blends them together magically into a dance-able song that could be from either camps discography. Truly a perfectly original style cover, even the little solo feels appropriately undistorted. But the less popy yet better track is “Coulda Been My Love” the painfully sad song that once again emulates the ELO/Stones feel but on a slow song feel and from its opening chords pulls at your heart strings. The chorus begs singa-a-long and the bridge fits perfectly and resolves on an even more brilliant point back into the last chorus.



“Star Power I: Overture” is a Paul McCartney & Wings-esque instrumental track that has some truly masterful piano playing and writing to it. “Star Power II: Star Power Nite” is a jam out song while kinda bland writing-wise is a good rock out song.



Lastly is the film referencing “Cannibal Holocaust” the slow and deep song feel like the best end credits song, possibly what the band was going for on this piano ballad. But around two minutes the song pick up to a “How Can You Really”-esque groove that pushes it to the end in a stylish fashion.The album gets a sunset finish on “Everyone Needs Love” which pulls a fast one starting a little sad before quickly picking up into a euphoric dance of masterful instrumentation pulling off that 70s magical pick me up sound. Also a little bit of McCartney-esque versing here too. At three minutes this song picks up too, changing to a running gear and some of its break down musical stops are as pretty as they are groovy. The explosiveness and energy of the ending solo are encapsulating as all hell and choice to bring all the piano back in to let the solo play it off into the sunset end the album beautifully.



If you need a good throwback album this one is an interesting listen for sure. But maybe stick to the roadmap I’ve left you to avoid the forgettable pieces in between.


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