EDM Singles: Calvin Harris Ft Haim and Kiesza



Today I’m posting a couple tracks I don’t usually post half because a lot of this already gets radio play but mostly because I rarely listen to EDM outside of parties. But this week hit me with two great tracks that have been on repeat for me all week. First is the always lovable Haim.


Calvin Harris Ft. Haim – Pray To God



While Harris is one of the big names in current EDM and party music in general, Haim is still kind of an underground phenomenon, let alone in the EDM world. What they aren’t a stranger to is cameos, the band has been in vids and songs for Mumford and Sons, Chromeo, Kid Cudi, Major Lazer and ASAP Rocky, as well as their own “My Song 5” video which included cameos from Grimes, Kesha, Ezra Koenig and internet star Nathan Barnatt (who dances in music videos all the time, check out his video for Pop Culture).


But the last thing I was expecting was a major collaboration with Calvin Harris, hot on the heels of their recent “Rhiannon” cover with Stevie Nicks. The song while slightly generic in terms of dance music sound is made killer with Danielle’s lead vocals and the clear instrumentation the band provided for the song, namely the guitar line running through the song. All-in-all a great dance song that indie fans will appreciate in some respect.


Kiesza – Hideaway




Next is the more EDM sounding but more artistic “Hideaway” from the extreme Canadian artist Kiesza. The vocals are amazing and the track makes dynamics not only through volume but an amazing switch between minimalism and over-the-top production. The song is a great dance track with an amazing dance video (which Kiesza does mostly herself, as she is also a dancer). It’s already on the radio from what I’ve heard but it’s a great track nonetheless.



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