Quick Hit: Sky Ferreira



Somehow I’ve repeatedly heard Sky Ferreira’s name around music sites and in conversation but despite all this I’ve rarely heard her music at all. On this note, despite her pop sound and seemingly well-known name I thought it would be worth covering some of her music.



Her track “I Blame Myself” from both her Ghost – EP and Night Time, My Time releases is a great dance track with MJ-esque tones (which she brings out in the videos dance moves) and the melodies sound catchy as hell. A great pop-dance track with a little attitude, and interesting lyricism to keep it different. You’re not the one is a lo-fi synth and guitar driven song seemingly pulled out of Drive (once again the video echoes this) the synth is killer here and makes it both open and soundscapey. The dark verses are washed away by the euphoric choruses, despite the contrast in the dark lyrics.



“Everything Is Embarrassing” is the slower and more artsy (Lordesque) slow-jam. Where the electronica is light and emotions are higher. The choruses up the emotion and the bridge feels like it reveals an even stronger emotion. While the melodies seem too familiar its mashing of several different ideas makes the whole thing work together.



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