Run The Jewels: RTJ2



Now I pretty much never cover rap, mostly since I have a very limited knowledge of rap, especially modern rap, and generally I don’t listen to that much of it. But recently I kept hearing about this new album from american duo, Run The Jewels, and the hype around this second album was exploding so I decided to give it a listen and I was pleasantly surprised. Between rapper and producer El-P and rapper Killer Mike, the lyrics on Run The Jewels 2 are vicious, the album sounds great but dirty at the same time and the whole album is relentless. Needless to say language disclaimers abound.



The album opens on the ecstatic “Jeopardy” which opens the album on one of my favourite things some musicians do on records, studio banter. The opening to this song and by placement the entire album is one of the most ecstatic bits of banter I’ve ever heard. Killer Mike lets you know he’s not going to mess around when he yells “I’M GOING TO BANG THIS B*TCH THE F*CK OUT” which has to be the most energetic opening I’ve ever heard on record and just shows how pumped he is to track the record out. I have honestly put this track on several times for just this 15 seconds, because it’s that energizing. FYI he’s referring to recording the record, not some sort of violence, as I’m sure some people might instantly think that’s what it is. What follows is a heavy, bass-driven song with tons of flare all over.



“Blockbuster Night Pt. 1” is another bass-driven heavy song, that comes in dirty. It’s dark and the lyrics are vicious and clever, one of my favourites being “Top o the morning/my fist in your face is f*cking folgers”. But the killer track on the record is “Close Your Eyes (And Count To F*ck)” which features Zack De La Rocha from Rage Against The Machine in what is probably my favourite track I’ve heard him on.The track flows on an edited loop of Rocha saying “Run Them Jewels Fast” and a dirty and heavy bass line that gives the track an even heavier feel. The song’s lyrics cover a lot of social commentary from fashion to Guantanamo. Overall despite Rocha’s verse being the weakest one, his ending line “The only thing that close quicker than our caskets be the factories” is still a haunting line. This track is definitely one of the best pump up songs to come out in a while.



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