Foxygen: Take The Kids Off Broadway




Closing out my Foxygen coverage is their first release, Take The Kids Off Broadway.The recording while more inconsistent than We Are the 21st Century Ambassador’s of Peace & Magic has more gems than their latest effort.



“Make It Known” goes from somber almost shoegaze to their euphoric crowd chants and key filled chorus, this time complete with trumpets. The oo lala’s and unpredictability make it a great listen even on repeat. “Take The Kids Off Broadway” jumps in with more life and immediate brass, the song quickly keeps changing pace and feel sporadically making it a listen harder for casual background but amazing for those actually paying attention. It’s real chorus of chants is just as happy as any of their’s and the distorted bass after is killer.



“Waitin’ 4 U” gets more of the Stones feel in its vocals and brings in a great running section after its slower opening, the bass is consistently great throughout too, as well as all keys present. “Middle School Dance (Song For Richard Swift” takes the changes to new levels with an explosive change in dynamics between parts. Starting on a kitschy little bar piano and going to a stage show level of energy 30 seconds in it starts escalating from the start. This keeps up its epic feel eventually bursting into a super-loud ending that closes with a light little piano flair and some noodling.



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