Okay Album, Great Song: The Ting Tings + The Foo Fighters



Not all albums can be winners but most decent artists always manage a great single no matter how bad the album. This year saw two new albums from both The Ting Tings and The Foo Fighters, and while they weren’t the artists best efforts they still each yielded a killer track.


The Ting Tings: Do It Again



Amazing brit-pop duo The Ting Tings released the not so critically praised Super Critical this year but “Do It Again” is an amazing song nonetheless. Following in the disco-revival wake of songs like “Get Lucky” & “Uptown Funk” the song nails the sound perfectly and brings their unique vocal stylings to it.


The Foo Fighters: The Feast And The Famine



While Sonic Highways geographically themed songs was a cool idea, cohesively as an album it didn’t totally work. It also suffered from a few songs barely even sounding like the band themselves. But “The Feast And The Famine” was the album’s best and sounded lifted directly from The Colour And The Shape. The song is hard and fast, the chorus explodes up the decibels to induce head rocking like nothing else. One of the best rock songs of the year, too bad the album didn’t quite maintain this energy.



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