2014 Wrap Up: Asteroid’s Galaxy Tour



The best band in Denmark released their third album, Bring Us Together, this year, and while it doesn’t have the all around greatness of Fruit or the energy and in your face attitude of Out Of Frequency, it shows the band isn’t afraid to experiment with their sound. The result is an album more dance-club oriented than any of their previous work but maybe less original and standout.



The album opens on the title track “Bring Us Together” with piano and applause, very quickly going to the slightly off-putting spoken word section with a vocal effect that starts the song a little weak. After this though once Mette Linde starts singing the song gets better, and the pulsing synth part adds a cool background beat to play over the groovy bass-line. “Navigator” opens on a really funky bass groove paired with Mette’s vocals making one of the albums best dance tracks, harkening back to old disco.



The killer single “My Club” is the standout song here, with its absolutely peculiar hook and whispered tone vocals. The light effects work here better than the over-processing on the opening track and the chorus just keeps pulling you back in. “Get Connected” comes in dirty with its synth bass groove, which it rides the whole song. The vocal lines in the verses are catchy and the energy that bursts from the chorus is contagious after every verse, even the electronics pulsing work too.



“Choke It” is just a straight up druggy song, and if it didn’t have such a decent groove and hypnotic bridge I’d probably avoid it but its sound saves it. “Hurricane” is the synth driven song with the dampest (no pun intended) feel on the album but at the same time it feels the most in line with the band’s older work. The chorus begs for sing-a-longs and it seems to be one of the only tracks here with the real brass that hooked me on the band in the first place.



“Rock The Ride” comes bursting in with horns (real or not) but the funk groove here is one of the albums best and will get you up and dancing immediately. The vocals stray between Mette’s usual intense style and hard rapping and the whole piece has a live party feel that brings euphoria on every listen.



“Zombies” opens on a really spacey synth line before letting the sparks fly with its super grimey bass-line and Mette’s great melodies and harmonies. When the synth comes back the feeling of joy is intense and when she extends the choruses the joy is even higher. One of the albums best is also its oldest as they’ve been changing it up since I saw them in 2011, I had no idea where to find it then but it’s here. “X” opens on a dark groove for over two minutes before evolving into one of the albums better tracks and has Mette’s best vocals on the album. The crazy synth sounds are great and the track is really only hurt by its misleading open.



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