I Interviewed MØ (Somehow)

So as you probably are aware of given some recent posts, I’ve quickly become a big fan of the Danish pop (and low-key alternative artist) MØ. After hearing her album No Mythologies To Follow and seeing a concert I was soon into my latest binge listen of an artist’s work. Thanks to the great community she’s built with her fans and a string of singles over the past year I’d been able to maintain the binge and recently decided to try and interview after I found out about her fall tour.

Well after a month of emails shot between editors and a handful of PR people I somehow pulled it off and as a result landed my biggest interview to date. I feel unbelievably lucky, hard work does pay off every so often it seems. Regardless I’m happy with how this all turned out and wanted to share this with whoever’s stuck around as I try and revive this blog of my collected work.

So here it is, my interview with MØ.

For those interested the full interview (save a few swears) will be broadcast on my show In Tune this Monday the 28th on 93.1 at 10 AM, around the 20 minute mark of the show, and I’ll throw the link on the blog for those interested once it’s online.

Cheers to the people still following me and keep on dancing.

mo gif.gif


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