Writing with WatchMojo + First Video

As you may have noticed being able to produce blog content has been virtually impossible as of late with my freelance work slowly reaching a level allowing me to write for a living, almost. But obviously with all this simply writing a blog has been harder to write as I’m usually balancing projects from at least 5 different places at once. If I can ever get a steady schedule I would love to crank other stuff out again.

One of my biggest breakthroughs lately has been writing for WatchMojo.com, yes after years for worry that decades of pop culture obsession had no practical use, I literally have a job where I talk about Katy Perry, Gangnam Style and debate the greatness of Ralph Wiggum and horror movies on a daily basis. It’s all freelancing scripts for videos right now but needless to say it is a cool journey.



For as brief a peek behind the curtain as I feel allowed to give, my office-based coworkers are all cool and nice, as you’d expect from being able to write about pop culture for a living. I’ve actually been writing since November and currently have two videos published so the people running publishing have definitely got their act together to make sure there’s always content. As often as I see complaints on every video, believe me both writers and the editors are constantly reading comments to see what people are saying.

And for those of you who think their lists are either click-decided or unilateral, lists start through their community, are cross-referenced with online discussion and finally determined after considering these factors along with office discussion. Honestly this is one of the coolest, most together and community-driven places I’ve worked for or seen in my life for that matter. Considering this company is also Canadian, it’s amazing how big they’ve grown in a decade. Even if their content isn’t for you, this is definitely a really cool company that is creating content with fans in mind. I can’t wait to see where this job takes me and look forward to becoming a bigger part of their team as I’ve never felt more welcomed in my life, and more at home in a job. While I’m definitely hustling my way through the freelance world as of now, this is definitely a hopeful light that has me both working hard, feeling proud and feeling like I’m having more fun at work than I’ve had my entire life.




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