About Me

So a few things,

My name is Owen Maxwell, and I’m a journalism student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and am currently studying German. I’m a music junkie who’ll listen to pretty much anything if I can find the right artist in it’s genre. I also play in bands when I can and play about 5 different instruments. Music is at least half  my life and one of my deep passions. I’m also an avid vinyl lover and am finally getting into a love for new vinyl. I hope to be able to use this blog to talk about important pieces of media that I find relevant and interesting.

I’m trying to become a well rounded journalist by interviewing musicians like I hope to in a more professional way down the road, shoot video at school, conduct audio interviews and reviews. I am constantly trying to expand my skill set though, next up is an SLR to get into photography (ie: for concert photos and a general production value boost), and hopefully even add vlogging about music to my skills. I want to be a competent worker and creator, and learning skills like these (which also taught me how to edit video and audio) are invaluable.

My goal is to work for a music publication like Q, Spin, Kerrang, etc., host radio for a living or work on content for a site like IGN, Rooster Teeth or The Nerdist.

So in this blog I hope to talk about issues in music as well as  give out weekly listening recommendations, as well as occasional entertainment reviews from movies, music and once in a while TV. I will very occasionally post podcasts and more often fill-in radio shows I do at CKCU.

I will occasionally have slumps without work due to school, a lack of new releases and a lack of free time but rest assured when I do write it will be in large bursts.

I write for The Charlatan, The Iron Times, The Scene Magazine, Centretown News and host a weekly radio show with my friend Mike Hanifi called In Tune.

Read on my friends,

Owen Maxwell


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