Links I like

General news sources:



NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me Podcast (news trivia show) their site also features a daily news quiz


Music News:



NPR’s All Songs Considered (also check out their podcast)

NME: Really great coverage of music news, just too much Oasis/Gallagher coverage (it’s 2014 guys)


Non-Music Sites:

IGN: Gaming and Film news and reviews

Reddit : it’s pretty much the internet

Cracked (Humour articles, large focus on pop culture and occasional opinion pieces about current events)


Other Podcasts:


As a radio lover podcasts are basically the new wave of radio shows and these are my two favourites. If you enjoy these there’s some auxiliary material (including an origin podcast that’s just as good) shoot me a message if you want more:


The Comedy Button: Basically where my radio influence comes from, 5 crazy guys talking about random stuff, NSFW but amazing, Start at ep 1

Rooster Teeth: Nerdier podcast, rotating cast of a few guys and some girls talk about current culture and nerdy stuff, NSFW great though


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