Published Work Portfolio

I produce content everywhere I can, and I publish my writing as often as I can when it’s applicable. As a freelancer I take pride in making quality content for a living on topics and issues that I’m passionate about. I love creating content, from videos to podcasts to lists so I create some for myself as well.

I’ve also been hosting a radio show, In Tune, every Monday at 10 A.M. in Ottawa on 93.1 CKCU (and online) for the past several years.

All my content appears on my blog, but my published work can be found here.

I’ve written content for the following sites (links go to author page):


May 2016: Band Of Skulls Review

June 2016: Ghost Vines Review

June 2016: Cedar Spring Motel Review

October 2016: Regina Spektor Review

CULT Montreal

November 2016: MØ Interview

December 2016: Brazilian Money Review

December 2016: Paul Jacobs Review

December 2016: Thee Oh Sees Review

December 2016: Le Couleur Review

December 2016: Childish Gambino Review

December 2016: Le Couleur Review

January 2017: Austra Interview

January 2017: Cloud Nothings Review

Best Kept Montreal:

January 2017: Run The Jewels Review

January 2017: Montreal Artists To Watch

Ottawa Life Magazine:

January 2017: Dragon Luster Review

January 2017: DOXX Review

February 2017: Megaphono Panel Coverage

February 2017: New Swears Concert Coverage w/photos

February 2017: Coleman Hell Concert Coverage w/photos

The Scene Magazine

January 2014: Ecstatic Live Review

February 2014: Jacquie Neville Interview

February 2014: The Balconies Live Review

April 2014: Arcade Fire Live Review

September 2014: Ty Taylor Interview

September 2014: Vintage Trouble Live Review

February 2015: Mark Ronson Review

May 2015: Women In Rock Feature

May 2015: It Follows Review

May 2015: Courtney Barnett Review

May 2015: Mad Max: Fury Road Review

May 2015: Will Butler Review

June 2015: Best Coast Review

June 2015: Muse Review

July 2015: Pokey Lafarge Live Review w/photos

November 2015: Sally Sparrow & The Old 41 Review

November 2015: Bronsen Euard Review

December 2015: Television Rd Review

December 2015: Arkavello Review

December 2015: The Holds Review

December 2015: EricArthurBlair Review

January 2016: High Waters Review

February 2016: Future Flight Review

February 2016: Maybe Greys Review 

February 2016: Teo Milea Review

March 2016: ItsYaBoiH2 Review

March 2016: DA-WOLF Review

March 2016: Mark Martyre Review

April 2016: Angora Review

April 2016: JHNN Review

April 2016: Dead Day Revolution Review

April 2016: Wayne Tennant Review

May 2016: Monroe Park Review

May 2016: The Starved Review

May 2016: Roger Roger Review

May 2016: Jack Of None Review

June 2016: Them Coulee Boys Review

June 2016: Port Of Est Review

June 2016: Gideon King Review

June 2016: Divinity Roxx

July 2016: Iacon & Nano Review

July 2016: Tumbler Review

July 2016: Waiting For Sunday Review

July 2016: Zonnis Review

July 2016: The Departure Review

July 2016: SakkieFTW Review

July 2016: Chameleon Technology Review

July 2016: Sluka Review

August 2016: Tod Hughes Review

August 2016: Turning Virtue Review

August 2016: Federico Balducci Review

August 2016: Randy Aloysius Review

August 2016: Chrystyna Marie Review

August 2016: Holly Montgomery Review

August 2016: Robert J. Kemp Review

August 2016: The Slang Review

August 2016: He Is Me Review

September 2016: Eagle I Stallion Review

September 2016: Phil Gammage Review

September 2016: The Spiders Review

September 2016: PK Tessmann Review

September 2016: Tilted Axes Review

October 2016: Simon Benegas Review

October 2016: Federic Balducci Review (2)

October 2016: The Vital Premiere

November 2016: Erich Mrak Review

November 2016: Russell Lee Review

November 2016: Bad Reed Review

November 2016: Bree Taylor Review

November 2016: Stone Driver Review

November 2016:  Doc Yates & The Kings Evil Review

November 2016: Kevin Mahon Review

November 2016: Ethan Gamble Review

November 2016: Scott Thorn Review

December 2016: Blue Poets Review

December 2016: Jordan Alexander Review

December 2016: April Martin Review

December 2016: Joan Torres Review

December 2016: Thorin Loeks Review

December 2016: Matchstickmen Review

January 2017: J-Anthony Review

January 2017: Camille Peruto Review

January 2017: Matt Chanway Review

January 2017: KornuCopia Review

January 2017: Laval Stream (editorial work)


March 2016: Silverstein Profile

April 2016: The Motorleague Profile

June 2016: Tourist – U – Review

June 2016: Van Damsel Profile

June 2016: Jane’s Party Profile

September 2016: Alice Bag Profile

September 2016: My Son The Hurricane Profile

November 2016: Scenic Route To Alaska Interview

November 2016: Wyclef Jean Review

November 2016: Rykka Interview

December 2016: Greys Interview

Ottawa Beat

September 2016: Balconies Profile

November 2016: New Swears Interview

December 2016: NAC Scene News

January 2016: Megaphono Festival Preview

The Charlatan

January 2013: Mireille Moquin Profile

July 2013: Tech Advancement Editorial

September 2013: Arctic Monkeys Review

October 2013: Cults Review

November 2013: Lady Gaga Review

January 2014: Conspiracy Theory Timeline

January 2014: Ecstatic Profile

March 2014: St. Vincent Review

August 2014: Roberta Bondar Review

January 2015: Sleater-Kinney Review

Ottawa Insight

December 2015: Edgewater Wireless Profile

Ottawa Showbox

February 2016: Young Rival Concert Review

Centretown News

September 2014: Arts Court Expansion


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